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Volvo Cars is a brand known for longevity. Built to outlast competitor vehicles, Volvo models clearly have a lasting edge. With performance values, famed safety standards and luxurious interiors intact, enhancing these attributes rests with proper maintenance and servicing.

At Volvo Cars of Evansville, we handle all procedures which effectively add robustness and health to your prized Volvo XC90.

So, whether your Volvo S90 requires common servicing of oil changes, batteries, brakes or tires, it's all easily handled at Volvo Cars of Evansville's local Newburgh area Volvo Service Center. And more complex procedures of transmission repair, wheel-alignment corrections and HVAC diagnosing all have a Volvo factory-trained technician poring over the process.

What Volvo Service Center Procedures Have Service Specials Applied?

On any given day, cost-saving service specials may be utilized in properly maintaining your Volvo V90. This approach encourages owners and lessees to be mindful of regular Volvo servicing and its benefits. Here's some of what we do daily near Henderson, KY:


Synthetic Oil Changes

Degraded or contaminated oil may initiate consequences for an engine. Without fresh oil, you might expose the engine to internal damage.


Tire Health and Rotation

Have your tires inspected for tread depth, sidewall cracking and creasing or lodged objects. To mitigate uneven tread wear, each tire should be rotated from well-to-well regularly.


Brake System Inspection

Given positioning, brake parts of pads, calipers and rotors are exposed to all weathering elements. Without proper monitoring, wear is accelerated, and will create a potential hazard.


Wheel Alignment Importance

If your Volvo XC40 naturally pulls to left or right, the tilt and angle of front wheels will require adjusting. Our technicians employ specialized equipment to effect angle and tilt corrections, per Volvo Cars' protocols.

Engine System Components Examined

Engine parts and components comprising belts and hoses need examination. Here, a loose or worn belt may prove inconvenient if falling off, thereby immobilizing your Volvo S60 near Mount Vernon, IN.


Fluid Systems Topped Off

Certain vehicle systems need full fluid levels for safe and efficient functioning. Steering, brakes and wiper systems will leave telltale signs of low levels or leaks.


Windshield Integrity, Wiper Blade Vitality

An inspection of the windshield will reveal chips or cracks, if not already noticed. These may spread to dimensions across the entire windshield while inhibiting safe vehicle operation.

Also, wiper blades should be tested for sharpness and replaced as necessary.


Fluid Flushing

The term "fluid flushing" usually means the removal of old fluid with replenishment of fresh fluid. In some instances, a fluid flush will incorporate rinsing or cleansing of an entire system soon after fluids are removed. This seeks to wash away contaminants or grit caked up over time.

HVAC System Diagnosing and Repair

A Volvo HVAC system is a complicated array of different parts and components. If your Volvo XC60's air conditioning or heat functioning is not performing well, it will inhibit comfort. Then, safety will suffer.

Filter Inspection and Replacement

Clean, filtered air is all important for the engine, and likewise a cabin. After all, your engine is working at peak performance utilizing clean air as would a jet engine.

And dust particles and allergens released inside the cabin may prove irritating to the respiratory health of occupants. Have these inspected for integrity and wear, while replacing as necessary.

Volvo Cars of Evansville's Volvo Service Center At-The-Ready

Make a servicing appointment online, or stop by our local Evansville area Volvo Service Center.

Whatever need your Volvo luxury SUV requires, there's never worry. Only Volvo Genuine Parts are installed along with Volvo servicing done right.