Compare the Volvo Brand to Its Top Competitors

When shopping for a new addition to your driveway that your entire family can trust for years to come, the decision is by no means an unimportant one. If you're shopping in the luxury segment for a vehicle that prioritizes safety, style, and interior space, your options can begin to feel endless. With popular brands like Audi, Acura, and Volvo on the market, it can be challenging to know which one is truly the right fit for your family. Explore competitive comparison resources about these three brands today. We're sure that our local Newburgh, IN drivers will see where driving a Volvo is preferable for day-to-day life.

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Volvo vs. Audi

Volvo and Audi are often put head-to-head when it comes to luxury vehicles. Both lineups offer comparable models in terms of size, performance, capability, and styling, and both brands fall within the same price point. However, Volvo has a clear upper hand in many capacities. Learn more:

Model Offerings

The Audi lineup is massive. With several versions of every sedan, coupe, and SUV option, the sheer number of choices can be overwhelming. Options like the Audi Q5 are accompanied by the Audi SQ5, and several sedans come in various coupe and cabriolet counterparts that can be messy to sift through when searching for a vehicle. Altertainviely, shopping for the right Volvo model is simple and streamlined. With three SUVs, two sedans, and two wagons, you can pinpoint the exact model that's right for you in no time. Of course, enjoy numerous trim levels, features, and engine options within these seven models.

Safety and Power

When it comes to power and safety features, Volvo consistently goes above and beyond. One of the things that makes this brand stand out when compared to Audi, in particular, is the large standard City Safety suite of driver's assistance. Of course, the Audi offers the choice for driver's assistance features, but its nothing compared to the pedestrian detection and collision mitigations found in every Volvo.

In terms of power, the Volvo lineup offers plug-in hybrid options for every vehicle in the lineup except for the XC40 and V90. For the Audi lineup, expect only one plug-in hybrid option in the SUV lineup with lackluster electric driving range ratings when compared to Volvo.

Volvo vs. Acura

When shopping for luxury with a high-performance status, the Volvo and Acura lineups are often compared. Both take a simple approach to their model offerings and have long been staples in the family luxury segment. However, Volvo prevails on a basic level. Let's explore:

Model Offerings

When it comes to options, the Volvo lineup offers more wiggle room. For example, the Acura lineup only consists of two SUVs and three sedans with no wagon options. You'll get the three SUV choices, including the subcompact XC40, of which the Acura lineup doesn't really have a comparison, as well as two wagon choices. This is preferable for many Evansville, IN families who want the convenience of a wagon.

Design and Technology

When it comes to design refinement, there's nothing quite like Volvo. These luxury models exude a natural dominance and simplicity that's unparalleled, especially when compared to the Acura models. You'll enjoy flexible, leather-trimmed, perforated, heated seating if you so choose, and rich color palates that stand out. The same goes for technology. The large, intuitive touchscreens, standard driver's assistance features, and easy-to-use comfort controls get rave reviews, unlike the Acura setup.

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