Winter Wiper Blades: Cold Weather Safety

Although most drivers don't have too much trouble with their windshield wiper blades during the warmer months, they sometimes notice streaks on the glass during the winter. This causes decreased visibility and increases your risk of having a wreck. Taking care of this problem as soon as you are aware of it is crucial to staying safe behind the wheel.

Would you like to know about a fast and inexpensive solution that will restore your visibility in no time? 

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Winter Vehicle Traction Choices

High-quality vehicle traction is a must-have regardless of the specific season of the year. If you want to feel 100 percent confident and secure driving in the winter, however, A+ vehicle traction is particularly critical. Let the Volvo Cars of Evansville team help you decide which traction-adding compound best fits your unique driveway needs.

People can explore a broad range of traction paths for their cars. Some people believe in the power of cat litter for traction. There are others who prefer basic sand. There are even people who back the conveniences of sodium chloride rock salt. 

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Your Local Car Dealership Has the Best Parts

It always comes up at some time or another where someone's gripes about the cost of the parts that you get at the dealership. They will say that they found a particular part for such and such of a price that beat the dealer's cost by a big amount.

While it is true that you can find cheaper parts at a discount auto store, the question is not really about price. Stop and think a minute and you will soon realize that the parts available at the dealership are the same as the parts that came with the…

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