When it comes to making a fun car to drive that always delivers on performance, Volvo absolutely nailed it with the Volvo V90. It has an enviable combination of power and precision that will make any driver want to get behind the wheel of the Volvo V90 and just go.

This luxury cross country vehicle features a T8 twin engine and all-wheel drive. Its drive is super smooth because of the light four-cylinder engine unit makes transitions seamless. The electric Volvo V90 model comes with enough of a charge for you to comfortably make it through your daily commute. A hybrid Volvo V90 option is also available to make it much more affordable for you at the gas pump.

Test drive the powerful Volvo V90 at Volvo Cars of Evansville right away and discover just how well it delivers on performance. You'll find that this vehicle makes your daily journeys more enjoyable.



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