Volvo S90 Offers Controlled Clean-Air

The new Volvo S90 it is a popular and stylish luxury sedan that spoils drivers and passengers with a number of desirable features. Whether drivers enjoy enhanced audio coverage, clean air, or comprehensive interior controls, the Volvo S90 gets the job done.

The Volvo S90 provides both drivers and passengers with access to 3-special music modes. These include Gothenburg concert hall, studio, and individual stage. 14 speakers and internal/external subwoofers drive these specialized modes. As drivers listen to their chosen music, they can enjoy clean interior air thanks to the specialized Clean Zone filtration system. This filtration system cleans internal and external air streams several times through high performance filters.

In addition, drivers get the extra control provided by the Volvo control drive mode system. This system allows drivers to quickly switch between and control several important engine and suspension related settings.



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