Loading and unloading heavy cargo is easy thanks to the great features in the Volvo XC40. This highly sought-after luxury subcompact SUV is available with a power-operated liftgate. Our team members at Volvo Cars of Evansville are ready to show you what makes the XC40 so great.

The powered liftgate opens up with a press of a button. You can initiate the opening function with the key FOB, a button in the cabin, or a button on the liftgate. The equipment will open and close automatically without any interference from you. Best of all, you can set the opening height for the liftgate, allowing it to fit in garages without any problem.

You can keep your cargo area protected with the optional scuff plates. Made out of stainless steel, the plates are tough enough to handle some wear and tear. They have thick grooves to make sliding large items in and out easy. They also add a unique look to the SUV.



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