Jump-Start a Vehicle with Just a Pair of Jumper Cables

To jump-start the battery of a car using another vehicle, you'll need to get the two vehicles nose-to-nose so that the jumper cables reach. Before anything, turn the car lights and the engine off so that you are safe working around the battery. Open the car hood to both vehicles, and locate both batteries.

Grab the jumper cables, which will be color-coded red and black. Red will go to the positive battery terminal on the good car, or the one marked with a plus-sign. The other red cable goes to plus-sign on battery of car getting a jump. Take your black cable and attach to the negative on the good battery, then metal on the car getting jumped.

Start your working car and wait a few minutes, then try the other car. Now that you got the other vehicle running, bring it down to us at at our Evansville service center so we can see if there is an issue with the charging system.

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