Take Care of Your Vehicle with an Engine Cooling & Radiator Service

Your engine works hard to keep your vehicle running. If it overheats, it could result in a significant amount of damage. The good news is that you have a radiator and cooling system that gets rid of the high temperatures. Coolant circles around the engine and the radiator. Plus, the system gets rid of all of that hot air, so it's not trapped in and around the engine.

At Volvo Cars of Evansville, our service center offers an engine cooling and radiator service to keep your system in good condition. We will inspect the system for any damage. We'll also flush the radiator so that it's more capable of circulating the coolant. We will then top off the coolant reservoir so that it can offer the system plenty of protection.

Call us today to schedule maintenance for your radiator and engine cooling system. It will be just what's needed to protect your engine from overheating in Evansville, IN.

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