Winter Vehicle Traction Choices

High-quality vehicle traction is a must-have regardless of the specific season of the year. If you want to feel 100 percent confident and secure driving in the winter, however, A+ vehicle traction is particularly critical. Let the Volvo Cars of Evansville team help you decide which traction-adding compound best fits your unique driveway needs.

People can explore a broad range of traction paths for their cars. Some people believe in the power of cat litter for traction. There are others who prefer basic sand. There are even people who back the conveniences of sodium chloride rock salt. It's critical to be able to differentiate between these options. They all offer their own distinctive uses and applications.

Salt is an ice-melting powerhouse. It tends to cost a bit more money, though and can even cause extra corrosion on your car if not removed promptly. Cat litter is usually good for snow traction because of its grittiness. Sand never becomes nasty and unmanageable.

If you want to review all of the finest wintertime traction paths, contact our automotive dealership today. We're ready to guide the way for you.

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