Is it Hard to Recover When Your Vehicle Hydroplanes?

Hydroplaning is one of the more frightening experiences that a driver can have on the road. This situation occurs when a certain set of specific conditions are met. These include wet, flooded roads, relatively high vehicle-speeds, and worn-tires.

During wet conditions, vehicles that have worn out tires and are traveling too quickly for the existing road-conditions may begin to glide on a thin layer of water. This separates the tires from the road surfaces, resulting in a loss of control.

While dangerous, it is possible to recover from an instance of hydroplaning. First, drivers should resist the urge to hit the brakes. Rather, they should gradually release pressure from their gas pedals and steer for open areas. As the vehicle loses speed, the tires should eventually regain contact with the road.

Keeping your tires in the proper condition is an easy way to avoid hydroplaning in the first place. At Volvo Cars of Evansville, our suspension technicians can help you to select new tires appropriate for your driving habits and needs. To have a quick, no-obligation conversation with us, visit us today.

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