Take Home a Volvo V90

Volvo, the Swedish auto maker, is well-known for creating incredibly safe, stylish vehicles that are perfect for business people and families alike. While many automakers create safe vehicles, Volvo is among the safest - they even invented the concept of the three-point seatbelt! The V90 continues that tradition and is an amazing vehicle for someone who is into the outdoors or needs to move their family around safely in style. The V90 is among the safest vehicles for sale today, and we at Volvo Cars of Evansville are proud to carry a wide selection.

The V90 is a classic station wagon with modern age advancements. The roll cage safety system is unparalleled in any automakers lineup, and this along with widely deployed airbags, and exterior design features that are meant to protect life and limb make this vehicle one of the safest and best around. There are many things that this car does well, but safety is the most important.



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