Get Your Vehicle Ready to Tow This Season

Don’t let unwanted surprises sideline your towing experience. By taking some extra precautions before your trip, you will ensure that you and your cargo arrive safely at your destination without the need for premature car repair and maintenance. The first thing is to establish that your vehicle is capable of carrying extra weight. Look at the manufacturer’s specifications for maximum tow and tongue allowance. Once you’ve established the compatibility of your vehicle, the trailer hitch, and the trailer, you can move on to other safety aspects.

Examine the trailer for its road worthiness. From there, move on to the lighting system. You may need someone’s help to make sure the tail and brake lights as well as the turn signals function properly. If you can add tow mirrors, they will improve visibility.

When you’re ready to hit the road, contact one of our knowledgeable team members for an added safety inspection. We’re here at Volvo Cars of Evansville to help you with all of your vehicle’s maintenance needs.

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