Your Windshield Wiper Fluid is More Important to Maintain Than You Think

When you think about all of the important fluids in your car, truck, or SUV, it can be easy to overlook the wiper fluid as one of the more important ones. That's understandable, considering it doesn't lubricate any gears or keep any critical system from overheating. It's just there to clean your windshield from time to time, right?

The truth is that your windshield wiper fluid is actually quite important. Have you ever been driving with a dirty windshield in the late afternoon and had the sun hit you straight on and illuminate all the gunk on your windshield? It makes it extremely hard to see. This becomes a safety issue, because if you can't see through your windshield, you might not see road hazards until it is already too late.

If you have questions, our service center in Evansville, IN can help. Don't hesitate to call Volvo Cars of Evansville. Our staff is always ready and willing to help. Let us make sure that your wiper blades and wiper fluid are all up to the task.

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